Why purchase a Rezeros Chair?

Our high-quality gaming products are made by expert engineers and a design team based in Melbourne, Australia. We understand how challenging it can be to source and set up your ergonomic and minimalist office/ gaming space at an affordable price.
At Rezeros, we have combined aesthetics, reliability and functionality to create the best gaming gear for the most enjoyable gaming experience. We have achieved this through years of collaboration with experienced gamers, innovative testing and thorough price comparisons to ensure you are getting the best value for comfort.

Benefits of Rezeros chairs compared with to other computer chairs?

First and foremost is luxury and comfort. Rezeros chairs were designed to be used for prolonged sitting. Inspired by car racing seats, our chairs conforms to the human body shape to give you advanced lateral and ergonomic support for the most enjoyable gaming or office work life experience. Its highly important to support the health of your neck, spine and lower back when you game or working long hours at the office. With our Rezeros chairs, overtime you will be able to feel the long term health benefits of properly lumbar and neck support.

What materials are used on Rezeros chairs?

Only the best high-grade materials are used in producing each Rezeros chair.

  • 100% vegan Rezeros Ultra PVC leather high-class covers for premium comfort and easy to clean.
  • Machine Embroidery Stitching
  • Carbon structural steel frame construction
  • Cold-cured high density foam seat base that can easily handle loads recommended up to 150kg
  • Aluminium five-star base for strength and stability. Rust-resistant surface.
  • Casters with nylon core and PU coat suitable for many surfaces.


What features do Rezeros chair possess?

  • Seat height – The seat height is easily adjustable, making it a comfortable experience whilst in use. Using the best in class hydraulics piston will ensure your safety and reliability over extended use.
  • Seat width and depth – Providing customers with 3 options to choose from ensures that you will find one with the right width and depth to support any user. By inputting your weight and height the filter on the website will assist in picking the best option accordingly.
  • Lumbar & Neck support – All of our chairs include adjustable lumbar and neck supports made from moulding memory foam to give you all the support your back needs.
  • Backrest – Our chairs conform to the human body shape to provide you with advanced lateral support and weight distribution, avoiding any straining.
  • Seat material – Our Ultra PVC leather has been rigorously tested for durability and comfort over extended periods of time. The comfort is backed by the right amount of padding enclosed within.
  • Armrests – Our armrests are extremely adjustable. Named the 4D armrests, you can be certain about finding the best suited positioning for your needs and to further add to the comfort, they have been coated with a soft and grippy PU material.
  • Swivel & Tilt – Rotate with ease with our chairs and let the versatility of the multi-functional tilt mechanism and suspension control give you complete access over your sitting position.

What surfaces are the Rezeros chairs suited for?

Thanks to the polyurethane coating of the swivel casters, all Rezeros chairs are suited for all types of hard floors (hardwood, bamboo, ceramic or porcelain tile, laminate, vinyl & linoleum, parquet, cork, screed, wooden tiles, stone, granite) and soft floors (carpets, pelts, mats, rugs). We recommend using a floor protector.

How long is the Manufactures warranty?

All Rezeros chairs come with a life-time warranty on the steel frame and chair moving parts come with a 2 year warranty for personal use or a 1 year warranty for commercial use. The warranty excludes wear and tear. For Warranty inquiries please contact us at hello@rezeros.com to determine whether your parts or frames are covered under warranty. We will assess all returns and provide feedback in regard to the inquiry within 3-4 business days of receiving the returned products before sending replacement parts.

You will be required to provide us with proof such as:

  • Proof of purchase.
  • Clear photo proof of chair defect