Customer Reviews

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    "I am beyond happy with the customer services that rezero has offered. Just because there was a glitch in their shipping service with TOLL they offered to personally deliver their product to me. Hands down the best service I have received through online shopping. Fast and efficient.”

    Savady Pach

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    now that I own a crimson lotus red chair, I'm extremely happy with the product. I highly recommend Rezeros for those who want to enhance their comfort or seriousness in gaming. I like the adjustable features that it comes with, such as arm rest, and additional back support.”

    Nikolas Georgiou

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    I was lucky enough to check out some exclusive samples and I was definitely impressed! I’m really excited about the range Rezeros is bringing in, they’ve got specific chairs for different body types and needs. Checking out the finer details, the stitching is on point and the materials are of the highest quality and durability. I’ve already placed an order for myself and know what I’m getting my little brother for Christmas too. Thanks Rezeros!”

    Alex Chiu