Welcome to the Rezeros Affiliate Program! Joining our affiliate programs means you can work alongside with us to promote our products to gamers alike while doing what you love and be awarded with generous commission!

How To Join Affiliate Program Work?

  • Please submit your application via the below form. If your application is successful, you will receive an email in regards to the registration of our Affiliate program.


  • Earn $35 on each successful sale
  • Your coupon code will give $10 off all purchases
  • 14 days tracking with use of cookie
  • Receive a chair completely free after your 10th sale
  • Affiliate dashboard for real-time conversion tracking 

*Affiliates and their referees must be located in Australia.

Incredible Affiliate Conversion Rates


Win-Win for everyone

Unlike our competitors who only reward their affiliates, our affiliate program rewards both ouraffiliates and their referees.


Extended time for
successful conversion

We know that our products might require a longer conversion time, that why we provide our affiliates with 14-day conversion window.


Digital Retargeting Boost

We invest heavily on digital marketing and remarketing to help you seal the deal. You get more successful results for less efforts.


Australia Wide

Our affiliate program concentrates only on Australia for the time being. However, we will expand our reach to more countries in the not too-distant future.

Why Rezeroz?

  • We believe our affiliate program is the best in town because it’s a win-win for our affiliates and our customers. Being a manufacturer-direct brand, we’re able to cut the middleman out to benefit our affiliate partners and customers.

Ready to start earning?

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