AHG Expo with newest partners Athletico Esports

Rezeros recently had the opportunity to be part of the Australiasian Hospitality & Gaming (AHG) Expo, held across two jam-packed days at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre.

With over 200 stands under one roof, this annual event showcases the latest in gaming products, entertainment, food & beverage, technology, innovative design, and much more.

We had the incredible opportunity to showcase our state-of-the-art ergonomic chairs to the gaming world along with our newest premium partners, Athletico Esports. Elite gamers and budding Esports superstars were even able to game and test drive our chairs!

Athletico Esports is one of Australia’s (and the Pacific’s) most successful Esports clubs, laying claim to some of the most storied professional gaming teams, and competing in some of the most acclaimed tournaments worldwide.

Founded in 2005 on the Gold Coast, for 12 years Athletico have lived and breathed Esports, amassing numerous championship wins, and providing a platform for gamers in the Australian and Pacific regions to bridge the gap into a professional and elite level.

At Rezeros, we believe that the best gaming experience comes best when you are equipped with the best rig. Just like any sports, gaming at an Esports professional level is not just a hobby, but a lifestyle that requires hours and hours of practice and dedication in order to make it to the top.

We understand that in order to perform at the highest level, having the right equipment in your gaming rig is essential. And knowing the chair being the centrepiece of your gaming rig, we have combined aesthetics, reliability and functionality to create the best gaming chair, backed by years of collaboration with experienced gamers, innovative testing, and expert engineers - ensuring that your ability to make the big time is not limited.

Combining our passions together, we believe that our new partnership with Athletico will open doors for our teams, and will create more international opportunities for Australian professionals wanting to take their gaming to the Esports elite level. It will also ensure that our teams have gaming gear that screams comfort, fights fatigue, and will enable ultimate focus.

One of the aspects that makes our chairs ideal (and a necessity) for the elite gamer, is our range of chairs to suit different shapes and sizes, with each chair boasting recommended height, weight, and use.

Too many gaming chairs on the market, sadly, are a one-size fits all. Our chairs are designed and constructed with different specifications, ensuring that you have a chair that is proportionate to your body, and that it fits you like a glove.

The ability to adjust practically every part of your chair; from the recline, lumbar support, arm rests and pillow, is just one of the features that you’ll enjoy from your new rig.

If you want to make it pro, a cookie-cut approach for chairs won’t work for you.

Performing at an elite level requires focus and precision, and this can’t come at the expense of comfort, luxury and reliability.

Complete your gaming rig with one of our chairs today.

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